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Become an Advertiser

To keep our magazine free, it is entirely fueled by our advertisers. If you have an established business in Dayton, we want to open up the opportunity to partner with you.

Why Advertise?

• 80% of disposable income is spent within 20 miles of where people live. O&I is distributed locally and all of our content is about Dayton, unlike other local magazines that pull content from other states and neighboring cities.

Print provokes readers to engage in a way that digital doesn’t. If someone has time to read a magazine, then they will actually engage with printed ads for longer. O&I is highly curated with aesthetically beautiful content that will make you want to stop and look—similar to the concept of window shopping, but better, because your contact information is right there.

 Print is a top-of-funnel medium for establishing brand worthiness in the marketplace as well as communicating with a broad reach to the right target audience. O&I will elevate your brand image with our in-house design services, as well as provide unique brand affiliation.

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